Bulldog Bucks Redemption Form

Order Notice
Students may only order one experience and one prize at a time.

The Experiences...

Name on the Marquee
Picture on the Bulldog Bulletin
PE Video Cameo With Mr. Sperling & Mr. Allen
Cameo on Weekly Announcements
Picture on Instagram
Read-Aloud With Your Class or Another Class
Jib Jab Video Featured on the Bulldog Bulletin
Pick a Dress-Up Day for Your Class
Principal Party on January 21, 2021
Second Principal Party
Pick a Dress Up Day for the Principal
End-of-Year Principal Party

The Prizes...

Three Mystery Water Bottle Stickers
One Mystery Gel Pen
One Mystery Color Highlighter
One Expo Dry-Erase Marker
Snap Bracelet
One Mystery Pencil
One Mystery Blow Pop
Glenview Water Bottle
Pencil Sharpener
One Mystery Smencil
Paw Dry Erase Erasers
Plastic 3-Ring Binder Pouches
One Mystery 100-Piece Puzzle
One Mystery Stuffed Animal
Portable Laptop Desk

Redemption Form

  • Roomers (In-Person Students): After you submit this form, turn in your Bulldog Bucks at school to receive your prize.
  • Zoomers (Remote Students): After you submit this form, have a parent drop off your Bulldog Bucks during our weekly Friday Distribution. Bulldog Bucks must be placed in a clear ziplock bag labeled with Student Name (First and Last), Teacher Name, and total Bulldog Bucks cards included.
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