Bulldog Bucks Redemption Form

The Experiences...

Name on the Marquee
Picture on the Bulldog Bulletin
Cameo on Weekly Announcements
Picture on Instagram
Read-Aloud With Your Class or Another Class
Jib Jab Video Featured on the Bulldog Bulletin
Pick a Dress-Up Day for Your Class
Pick a Dress Up Day for the Principal
End-of-Year Principal Party

The Prizes...

One Mystery Blow Pop
Three Mystery Water Bottle Stickers
One Invisible Ink Pen
Sticky Hand
One Mystery Color Highlighter
One Expo Dry-Erase Marker
Snap Bracelet
Pencil Sharpener
One Mystery Gel Pen
One Mystery Stacking Pencil
One Crayola Eraser
Free Cookie Certificate
One Mystery Smencil
Paw Dry Erase Erasers
One Mystery 100-Piece Puzzle
One Mini Stuffed Animal
One Mini Squishy Toy
Mini Cube Puzzle
Binder Pouches
Portable Laptop Desk

Redemption Form

Order Notice
Students may only order one experience and two prizes at a time.
  • Roomers (In-Person Students): After you submit this form, turn in your Bulldog Bucks at school to receive your prize.
  • Zoomers (Remote Students): After you submit this form, have a parent drop off your Bulldog Bucks during our weekly Friday Distribution. Bulldog Bucks must be placed in a clear ziplock bag labeled with Student Name (First and Last), Teacher Name, and total Bulldog Bucks cards included.
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